Cameron Diaz – Bisexual Comments – (written June 24, 2010)

Cameron Diaz – bisexual comments

So Cameron Diaz makes some comments about ‘being sexual’ with another woman.  The women on “The View” devote a whole discussion to a tiresome topic. Why are people surprised anymore that a female celebrity mentions being sexual with another woman, or finding other women attractive?  What young hot celebrity hasn’t said this?  It would be more newsworthy if a young female celebrity said she has never kissed another girl and had never looked at other women.

I have said this before, and I’ll say it again: there is nothing unusual about a woman finding another woman attractive.  It only means she has good taste.  The way society functions, however, women have traditionally needed the help and protection of men to survive, to start families.

When women have financial freedom, however, they are also more sexually free and can pursue who really attracts them.  Why does it seem that the percentage of female celebrities who are bisexual is greater than females in the general population?  Could it be that they have more access than we do to explore their desires?  If given a choice, wouldn’t anyone  choose women?


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