Jack, Jane, and Jill – Nov. 2008

Jack, Jane, and Jill

Jack, Jane, and Jill

Grew up alone

On an uninhabited island

No movies, no phone

It matters not how

they arrived, these three,

Just that they’re alone,

No interference, no referee,

But fruit was abundant

And vegetables, too

And fish freely swam

In the river so blue

Their shelter was formed

In a beautiful cave

The island provided for

Any need they could crave

As the three children aged,

The girls’ beauty grew –

Jill’s lovely blonde curls,

Her eyes sparkling blue,

Especially twinkling

Each time exotic Jane,

With her striking dark features

And wavy black mane,

Would hug her and kiss her,

And both their soft breasts

Against dewy skin

They eagerly caressed

Jack, on the other hand,

His hair straight and brown,

eyes with no mystery,

smile looking down,

(comparatively) plain features

And body like a square,

Did nothing to intrigue

Jane and Jill to care

For him like they cared

So deeply for each other,

(Though they truly adored

Jack as a surrogate brother)

For dear Jill and Jane

had such a strong bond

Jack just couldn’t penetrate

With any kind of wand

(though he thought it

magic, glowing with light,

Jane and Jill saw its ugly

form as a blight),

They could snuggle together

And not say a word

Yet still convey meaning

Which Jack found absurd,

And their laughter and jokes

Jack didn’t understand,

nor their secret sly smiles

As they walked hand-in-hand

With no outside forces

To say Jack was cute

Or the “Big Man on Campus”

Or wealthy, to boot,

Or to raise up their status,

Make them envied, desired,

Jack was left out of

Jane and Jill’s sensual fire

Being a young man,

Jack had his needs

His pent-up yearning,

Sprouting like weeds,

He could release by himself,

But who can resist

The eyes of a woman,

Her delicate wrist,

Her supple, sweet body,

Her lovely face, pure,

And Jack had two in

His sight, to be sure!

Do men learn to force

Or is it inborn, innate?

Did Jack give in

(unable to wait)

To his lustful wishes

And use his great might

To make them give him

What he wanted that night?

Did he take just one

Or both of them on?

Did the young women struggle,

Did they fight?  Or yawn?

Did they laugh it all off?

Did they grow with child?

Was the island still peaceful?

Or chaotic and wild?

Did Jack have a favorite?

Did Jane and Jill resign

To Jack’s brawny strength?

Did they threaten and whine

And come up with arrangements

Like a figurative wall,

but let Jack think he had

the best bargain of all,

and appeasing Jack simply

Like a rare side of meat,

Jane and Jill’s time alone

Was most precious and sweet?

No matter the ending,

Whatever the refrain,

All women are Jill

And all women are Jane,

And when allowed access

To our desire’s pure will,

Jill will always choose Jane

And Jane will always choose Jill.

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