Psychology Today article – Bisexual Girls – April 2010

RE: Psychology Today article “Why are so many girls lesbian or bisexual?” April 3, 2010 from Sax on Sex blog (written by Leonard Sax, MD, PhD)….

.. ..

A fundamental answer is missing from this article. Girls are simply more aesthetically pleasing than guys – why wouldn’t we be attracted to each other? As I’ve said in other writings, I used to think I was unusual in that I liked other girls, and I was so afraid to admit it.
As I’ve gotten older and have seen the preponderance of celebrities who are lesbian or bisexual, and have read about the increasing number of girls who are experimenting sexually with other girls, I think it is normal to be attracted to girls.
I even think women aren’t really attracted to men, at least not naturally. I think society has taught us that we should be attracted to men, that we should like it when they have a bigger package, but their package, at any size, is ugly.
If women can choose between something beautiful and something ugly, wouldn’t we choose something beautiful?
Now, I think it is necessary for society for men and women to marry and raise children together. If we all choose beauty and sexual and emotional love for our partners, wouldn’t everyone choose a woman? What would happen to the men?



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