Sexual Dreams – June 23, 2010

June 23, 2010

Last night I had a dream that I had met this really cute girl with dark skin and I was so attracted to her, even though she had short hair.  I normally like long hair but this girl was so cute.  We were flirting and then I had to leave and I was regretting incredibly that I hadn’t gotten her number.  I came back and she was there! We were going to spend the night and then suddenly some random guy appeared and asked me if he could stay, and I said it was up to her, gesturing towards the girl.  I wanted the girl all to myself but I didn’t want her to know that in case she wanted the guy there too.

Then luckily the guy disappeared and the girl and I were together.  In the morning I was carrying her with me everywhere I was going because I was so afraid of losing her but she got heavy so I put her in a suitcase on wheels.  Very strange!

I wouldn’t mind so much having dreams about girls if they meant nothing to me and I could just shake them off.  But they always leave me aching for a girlfriend, or even just a one-night stand.  But really a girlfriend.  I miss women so much!

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