Subway Encounter with Older Man – Aug. 27, 2010

Subway Encounter with Older Man

August 27, 2010

As I was walking to connect to a train, this older white man in a suit passed by and said he liked my hair.  Of course I said, “Thanks,” and then he said he would give me the best sex I ever had, but he said it in a cruder way.  I was surprised because people usually don’t approach me like that.  I dress very plainly and very conservatively and I don’t draw attention to myself with my clothes. I was in my usual uniform of a plain skirt and shirt.  Then he said, “Is it because I’m too old?  Too white?  I’m 47, but I can [censored].”

(I don’t know how he knew white men are not attractive to me, although black men are not attractive to me at all either, and no men, really, but if I have to choose I would assume a brown Islander would be attractive to me? Since I’ve still never enjoyed sex with a man and never been attracted to a man, I don’t know for sure who would be attractive to me. But I know who’s not! And older men are definitely not attractive to me, but I don’t know how he knew that because I didn’t say anything.  Truth be told, if he was young, handsome, brown-skinned, I might have taken him up on it. That is due to my illogical logic.  I had slept with an idiot about a week prior and that was because I was missing women so much, and I thought this idiot guy was going to have another girl with him, so we could have a threesome, but it was just me and him.  And I’m so frustrated with not being with women I would have slept with this older man just to get back at G-d for keeping me away from women, and maybe tell him he needs to pay me, or at least get a free meal while I’m at it.  But he was white and older, so punishing G-d would be punishing myself as well, and wouldn’t be worth it.)

And the man said if I look this good how I am now, he can only imagine how I look when I dress up and put on make-up.  I told him I never get dressed up and I never wear make-up, and he said with my legs and my eyes I didn’t need to.  And he gave me his number and said to at least let him take me out for dinner.  I said, “Okay,” because I was hungry and I was thinking dinner sounded good.   But I’m not hungry anymore.


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