Subway Jealousy – Aug. 2010

Subway Jealousy

August 2010

I have heard my very straight friends talk about other girls hitting on them, and I wonder why don’t these women ever hit on me?  The other day on the subway I was sitting down, engrossed in reading the news on my iPhone and listening to my music, when I suddenly heard the young woman standing next to me near the pole say, “No, I’m straight.”  I looked up to see the other young woman, dressed in dark clothes and talking to her say, “Well, keep taking care of yourself.  You have such a great body.”  And then she kept talking to the straight girl.

I was so annoyed by the woman in dark clothes.  She wasn’t attractive to me, so I wasn’t jealous that I wanted this particular woman to hit on me, but I was jealous that no women hit on me.  And I wanted to tell this woman to stop talking to the straight girl and get a hint.  But of course I didn’t.  Though I don’t think I have ever been so annoyed.

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