Walking in Washington Hts (written Spring 2009)

Walking Home in Washington Heights

Spring 2009

In this neighborhood, there are always people standing around and watching as people go by. Several of my friends tell me how guys are always saying, “Hey, baby,” etc. to them, or telling them how beautiful they are. I don’t get that very often. Occasionally I will get a “God bless you,” but that’s it.
I’m very plain in how I dress and very conservative-looking, and although I may stand out in the neighborhood because I’m white, I don’t think I get catcalls, and even if I did, I know it doesn’t mean anything because most guys in this neighborhood will call out to women just virtue of the fact that they are women, not because the woman is so hot or so beautiful. So it’s not really a compliment and doesn’t mean anything if a guy does call out to you.
One recent time for me, though, it was a compliment. I was walking home wearing my plain uniform of jeans and a jacket, and I saw this guy and girl standing and talking in Spanish. I looked at them to pretend I understood what they were saying and then walked past them. I then heard the girl say, “She got pretty eyes and a nice butt.” It’s really only a compliment if it comes from another girl.
But the problem is, I wonder if she was just giving me a genuine compliment or if she would have been interested in actually doing something with me. I think Latina girls are so hot. I didn’t get a good look at the girl but I could tell she was cute. If I had turned around and… And what? What would I have done? Nothing. I’m the most pathetic person I know.



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