How I Got into Being Paid to Swing– January 2, 2011

I have always been fascinated by the idea of group sex (I remember in elementary school seeing a photo in TV Guide, I believe, of the film “Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice” with all the characters in bed together, and I loved that idea).

Because I grew up being so attracted to women, I thought the only way to enjoy sex with a man was if women were there as well.  I never actually got to try full-on group sex with women until I met “Dan,” and as I said in an earlier post, the only thing Dan and I had in common was group sex.

In August of 2010 it had been over two years since I’d had any orgies, and any women at all, and I was sorely missing them.   On Craigslist I was looking for threesomes, but I am too scared to send my picture over the internet and never got anyone to respond when I answered their ads.

I decided that I should find a guy who also wanted a threesome and we could post our own ads, or even go as a couple to a swing club.  But all of my hope for being with a woman just resulted in me being with men.   I had such a fantasy of an all-women-orgy and I knew it was possible  – I just needed to find it.

One night, after I had dinner with some of my church friends, I stayed a little behind and ventured off to a swing club.  I had found some information via Craigslist about a club and there was a gay night on Saturdays.  Because I’d been looking for women on CL, I had in my head that this would be an all-woman club, a lesbian club, but in hindsight I realize that if it was a lesbian club, it would have said “lesbian” not “gay.”

At any rate, I showed up at the door and the doorman explained that this was a gay men’s party, and I was so disappointed.  He told me that his boss also did swinger’s parties and ladies’ night parties, and he got my contact information so he could let me know when these parties would be happening.

For awhile I got frequent texts from him about different parties, but was never able to make it to them.  Then I stopped hearing from him, and so I texted him to ask if they were still doing the swing and ladies’ night parties.  Suddenly I received a call from the club’s promoter – I’ll call him “PR.”  “PR” said the doorman told him I was pretty and PR said that there might be an opportunity for me to work at their parties.

We arranged for an interview right before I was on my way to go to a swing party I had found out about online which I was led to believe would have lots of women (though it was about equal men and women, most people there were very overweight – so not my type and so not attractive to me!!! But the hostess was decent and she went down on me and did a pretty good job).

In our “interview” PR told me that he and I would be the hosting couple, and so we would pretend like we were dating, meaning I would have to have sex with him and also with the other men of the couples who attended.  I told him that was not a big deal for me, and told him a little about my hostess job I had my last semester of college.  I also mentioned that I really prefer women and am not really attracted to a man and have definitely never orgasmed with a man.  Of course he said he could change that (I really shouldn’t tell guys that – it’s not a contest to get me to orgasm).

So PR took me out a few times before I started working at the club, and we had sex twice (once in his storage facility – I thought if I had to pretend to be his girlfriend I had to have sex wherever he wanted).

I had so many school events the nights that the “swing” parties happened, so I wasn’t able to start working right away.  But PR would call me and say things like, “this girl wants to eat you out so bad.”  He also kept telling me we would have threesomes with him and his girlfriend (he’s also married but has a steady girlfriend – he told me his wife hadn’t slept with him for months).  I was really looking forward to working at the club and I imagined all the women I would get to have.

That is not what happened. My first day of work was Nov. 2nd, election day, and PR introduced me as the hostess but there were no couples.  The only other girls were those who worked there, like me.  And there were tons of guys.  And the regulars all wanted to have sex with me since I was the new girl.  It was similar to my college hostess dancing work – when you were new, all the guys wanted you.

But it was definitely not my fantasy of hot couples and me being with so many hot and beautiful women.  We workers were there to be partners with the men.  Because the bed areas were open, often these times resulted in group sex, but it was usually me with a bunch of men around me, and only sometimes would the other girls be involved with us all at once.  Or often the men would be shy, and would want to be with me in a more private area of the club.

The worst part was, after I got paid by “Onie,” the owner, I kept my cash in my bag and kept forgetting to take it to the bank.  Eventually I completely misplaced the cash or it got stolen – but all my work that night was for nothing !

However, although PR greatly misled me about the true nature of the job and I quickly realized that PR had told me about all the couples and women to get me interested in the job, I didn’t quit.  I’m still doing the job (and of course, I met Robert Hannibal here!).

I like having the extra money, first and foremost.  A month of this work pays my rent, monthly metrocard, utilities, entertainment, and the rest goes into my savings account.  This means all the salary I get at my day job goes straight to the bank.  Given how expensive it is to live in New York, I feel like this night job is a true perk and is helping out the bottom line.

Also, similarly to how I ended up feeling compassion (while at the same time feeling disgust) for the men at my hostess dancing job in college, I feel the same for the men here.  They just want to have a good time.  I don’t do any work, really, because I just lay there.  I let them do whatever they want to me (except, as always my rule always applies – no one is allowed to come on me anywhere).

It’s such easy money because I exert no energy.  I don’t even make any sound.  The men (and the other women workers) often ask me if I’m always so quiet in bed and the answer is yes.  There is only one time where I’ve actually screamed –  nearly ten years ago, when a girl I was dating (also named Polly but spelled Polli)  was going down on me.  I was so loud that my next-door neighbors banged on the wall – one of my all-time embarrassing moments.

But with men, no sound, no emotion, but no problem, either.  I let them have a good time, and I get paid for it.

*The next day I apologized to my neighbor for the noise, but outright lied and told my neighbor that my newlywed friends had spent the night in my apartment – why did I even say anything? I’m a horrible liar so I know she saw right through me. In fact, that it was the last time I have outright lied (about something other than my age or weight) to anyone. My face is just too vocal and I really can’t get my mouth to say an outright lie. That lie to my neighbor was the last time. Now, lies of omission have always been very common for me, especially when I didn’t want someone to know I was dating girls or doing prostitution or going to swing parties, or I didn’t want to reveal my age or weight, and again, I admit that I still outright lie to hide my age or weight if don’t want the person to know, but I can’t outright lie about anything else.


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