(1/13/2011) I am in Love with a Man for the First Time – Robert Hannibal; Part 3 – Dates (3a – First Date)

My first date with Robert Hannibal was Friday, Dec. 3rd, almost exactly one month after we had first met at my first night of working at Onie’s club.  This date was greatly-anticipated – I was so excited to see him again.  That night one of my friends had a music concert at our school, so first I went to that with one of my other school friends.  Again, I was sure Robert Hannibal was not married because he said he would just be hanging out with one of his friends who was DJ-ing somewhere downtown while I was at the concert.  It was a Friday night – surely if he had a wife she would not let him free like that?

When we met up, I loved how handsome he looked.  We started off looking for hot chocolate, but didn’t find any, and then took a cab to a place called Trapeze, which Robert Hannibal said was one of the first swing clubs from back in the ‘70’s and that the décor looks like it had never been updated.  I didn’t care, I just wanted to be with him.

At Trapeze everyone wears towels to walk around in.  We kept going upstairs to see the various rooms and the large orgy-room downstairs.  There was a really old couple and some other couples, but I was very picky because I only wanted to be with Robert Hannibal.  Eventually, we went down to the lounge area and sat on one of the couches and talked, with me somewhat sitting on his lap.  He told me that although he had had girlfriends, he didn’t lose his virginity until he was 25.  I thought that was so adorable.  I am guessing he is in his late 30’s.  He looked so cute when he told me that.

He also explained his first threesome – a woman he was dating, whom he had thought he would marry, told him if they got married she was sure he would cheat on her, so she arranged a threesome with him and another woman.  He said he didn’t end up marrying that woman, but I was afraid to press if he ended up marrying anyone else.

He also talked more about being from Jamaica.  He had told me he was from Jamaica when I met him my first night at Onie’s club, but this night he told me had moved to the US when he was ten and so had basically grown up in the states.  (He had also told me my first night at work that he had gone to school at Dartmouth after I told him I was in grad school.)  I just pictured him as this cute little boy arriving in the States , probably bewildered and scared, and now look how far he’s come – going to school at Dartmouth, working on Wall Street, etc.  He’s just so smart and so handsome and so attractive and I just loved having a conversation with him there in the lobby area.

We went back to the orgy room and had it pretty much to ourselves.  There are mirrors all around and on the ceiling.  He said he remembered how good I tasted (he had gone down on me my first night working at Onie’s club before he first had sex with me) and went down on me again at Trapeze.  Then we began having sex and I loved it so much.  I don’t know what it is he does differently from all other men but he is so wonderful in bed.  The night to me was already complete because I had sex with Robert Hannibal.

But he wanted to find other couples and kept asking me what women I thought were attractive.  There was a couple with a woman I found attractive – she was slightly older, probably 40, and her man was probably late 40’s, but she was definitely attractive.  I pointed her out to Robert Hannibal while we were laying down in the orgy room as the couple went up the staircase.

But somehow we ended up with another couple who took us to a private, closed room with them.  They asked us our names, and Robert Hannibal said his name was [Robert Hannibal].  I was surprised because at Onie’s club he never actually told me his name, but PR told me his name was R.  So I thought that was his name.

But then I remembered when he called me earlier that evening to confirm a meeting spot, he said, “Hi [Polly], this is [Robert Hannibal],” and I thought I had just mis-heard it.  The couple asked us if those were our real names, because some couples lie, and Robert Hannibal laughed and said, yes, it was his real name.  But I was worried why he would have a different name he would use at Onie’s club?  He must be married.  But then I thought he was just trying to be discreet at Onie’s club, because it’s slightly less respectable than going to a strictly couples-only club.

The woman of the couple was Asian and I wasn’t physically attracted to her but I liked her a lot as a person and we had a good conversation.  She went down on me and was quite good.  Then her man said that she needed to come, and that she had a hard time orgasming (she and I had both bonded over that in our conversation).  So her man said Robert Hannibal should go down on her, and he did, for what seemed like half an hour.  I was so bored (and jealous) during that time.  Then we did the full couples swap and her man was kneeling over me and asked me to put on his condom.

Now, I hate touching men’s package thing.  I hate everything about it.  I think it looks ugly, I think it feels disgusting, I don’t like anything about it.  So I said “I don’t do that.”  The man got up and was so angry and said, “you should speak to your partner before so people don’t think you’ll swap if you won’t.”  His girlfriend asked him what was wrong and I realized that I needed to do the partner swap, and if it meant I had to touch the guy’s thing to put the condom on, I had to just do it.  Robert Hannibal took me to a swing club to swing, he kept looking for couples, he wasn’t there just to be with me, even though I would have been satisfied just being with him.

So I played it off like it was a misunderstanding, “Oh, I thought you wanted me to go down on you first, and I don’t do that.”  And I pointed to Robert Hannibal and said, “I don’t even do that to him.”  So the man laughed and said he understood, and I put the condom on his ugly thing and let him have sex with me while Robert Hannibal had sex with the man’s lucky girlfriend.  All I thought was that I wanted the man to hurry up and come, just like when I’m working at Onie’s club.

When we all finished, we were laughing and talking like we were best friends but I secretly wondered if I’d be able to do this very often with Robert Hannibal.  If we did couple swaps, the woman of any couple would always get the best end of the deal, and I would get the worst.  I decided I could handle it as long as I got to have alone time with Robert Hannibal.  I was glad I got to have sex with Robert Hannibal alone before we were with this couple.

Then we went back and searched for more couples.  We went back down to the orgy room and started making out and the couple with the woman that I thought was attractive entered.  Robert Hannibal moved us over to where the couple was, literally right next to them. The woman said I had “beautiful” breasts and asked if she could kiss them, so while her man was with her she leaned over and kissed my breasts.  Then she and I started kissing and making out and then she would suck my breasts again.

Robert Hannibal told the guy that I had picked his girlfriend out as someone I thought was attractive, and he also told the man that he liked watching the two of them together.  The man said, “we thought the same about you two.”  The man said they weren’t ready to partner swap yet as they were still new to the swing thing, but they liked the idea of having sex in the open with people watching.  I was so glad.  If only all the couples were like that, then I could just stay with Robert Hannibal.

Then Robert Hannibal and I had sex again and it was awesome.   I could totally handle swing clubs if I got to kiss other women but only have sex with Robert Hannibal.  That would be the best scenario for me, and it would still make Robert Hannibal happy because he would get the excitement and sexual adventure.

But he wasn’t satisfied with that.  After that couple, he wanted to find another couple.  I started getting annoyed because I just wanted to be alone with him, or with pretty girls, and so many of the women were older and unattractive to me.  Yet he was fascinated with just standing there and staring at all the play going on and holding his thing.

Finally we found a couple upstairs where the woman was somewhat attractive to me (but not nearly as attractive as the other woman) and we started chatting them up and laying down next to them.  I hoped they, like the previous couple, weren’t interested in swapping but just liked the idea of open sex.   They were a fun couple and we laughed a lot with them, and we all went downstairs to the orgy room again. They were together and Robert Hannibal and I were together, but we didn’t have sex, but I like just being with him.

After that Robert Hannibal and I showered together.  I loved showering with him.  He was just so handsome and attractive to me.  I loved how his body felt against mine.  No other man could make me enjoy being with him, sex or no sex.

At the end of the night, we talked with the different couples we had been with and exchanged contact information but I didn’t care about seeing any of them again, unless it was the only way to see Robert Hannibal again.  Robert Hannibal told the couples they should check out the “One Leg Up” parties.  That was the high-class party he had told me about my second time meeting him, when we exchanged email addresses.  That party sounded like my ideal swing party, with everyone elegant and good-looking, and dressed up like the 1920’s, and I told Robert Hannibal that I wanted him to take me to one of those parties.  He never quite committed, and so I still wasn’t sure about his personal life.  I hoped so bad he wasn’t married.  He put me in a cab and all I could think about was when I would see him again.

The next day, Saturday evening, I was at a dinner party with my school friends and I kept thinking about Robert Hannibal.  Was I really in love with him?  Or was I just attracted to him, and wanting to enjoy the opportunity to actually be attracted to a man – for the first time in my life!  The first man to make me feel like a real woman, to make me feel like a woman who actually enjoys sex with a man?  I didn’t know if it was just that he was so good at sex, the first man I ever enjoyed sex with, that made me like him, but I thought it was more than that.  I thought I was really falling in love with him.  But I wasn’t sure.

And I wasn’t sure if he was married or not.  How I wanted him not to be!  And how I wanted to see him again!  So in the middle of the dinner party, I texted him to see if he wanted to go to another club later that night.  He texted back and said that he was too tired.  Then I remembered that after our late night at the club he told me he had had to be up at 8am because he had an appointment with a plumber.

A plumber appointment – that’s what responsible married men do.  But he also could be separated or divorced.  I recalled that the Orthodox Jew, “Jay,” was separated from his wife.   I even told my friend, the one who was hosting the dinner party, that I thought I was falling in love with this guy but I was worried he might be married.  She sympathized with me, and afterwards I walked home from the dinner party with one of my gay friends.  We discussed Robert Hannibal and my friend’s boy troubles.  I couldn’t stop thinking about Robert Hannibal.  How I loved talking about Robert Hannibal!

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