Temporary Intimacy with Robert Hannibal – written March 10, 2011

On Tuesday, March 8th, I worked at “Onie’s” club and was hoping Robert Hannibal would be there.  It would be my last chance to see him before my trip, as I was leaving the next day with my class!

The first 20 minutes I was on the large bed talking to “Mansion,” who’s around 30 years old, and I think from some Eastern European country.  He’s been going to Onie’s club pretty regularly and he always tells me he’s going to take me to a fancy swing party at some rich Russian guy’s mansion.

That’s still my goal while working at Onie’s, besides just making extra money – to find a guy who will take me to a “One Leg Up” party and any other nice fancy swing party.  But Mansion just kept talking without giving me details.

Finally, in my worry that Robert Hannibal would not show and my annoyance with Mansion for talking so much about the fancy swing party but not giving me concrete information or formally inviting me, I got off the bed and went to the bar area to get some water to drink.  I talked to “Bartender” for awhile and tried to practice my Japanese with her, but I am very rusty.

Then I returned to the main large room and sat on the large bed.  Mansion had moved over to one of the smaller beds against the far wall, and “Tatoo” was on the small bed next to the large bed I was sitting on.  She and I began talking about the guys and she made me laugh so much.  I like her humor because she says exactly what she thinks and says it in such a brash manner.

I felt someone sit down next to me on the bed, but thought it was Mansion, so I didn’t acknowledge him, and kept talking and laughing with Tattoo.  Suddenly the person next to me said, “I’ve never seen you laugh this much here.”  It was Robert Hannibal!  I turned to him and hugged him tightly and said, “I didn’t know it was you!  I thought it was [Mansion]!  I’m so glad to see you!”

I kept my arms around him and asked if he’d gotten my last two emails, and he said no.  He had gotten a new phone and couldn’t update his other email to that phone in case his wife saw it.  Everytime  I think perhaps his wife knows he’s still swinging, I get a reminder that she doesn’t know.  Even though I’ve really always known that Robert Hannibal and I are in fact stepping out behind his wife’s back.

I told Robert Hannibal I was so happy to see him that night because the next day I would leave for Israel with my class and wouldn’t be back until the evening of March 21st . He told me he and his wife and kids were leaving for two weeks on March 22nd to vacation in the Dominican Republic.  I asked if I could see him on the 21st when I got back and before he left, but he said he didn’t know.

We sat on the bed and continued talking, and he brought up the idea of having another threesome with me.  He said if I had liked the woman who gave us the sensual massage we could go back there, but since I didn’t, we could find someone else.  I was flattered that, in a threesome at least, he considered me the other half of the couple!  I know we’re not a real couple, but if this is the only way he’ll consider us as a couple, I won’t complain!

I suggested one of the twins, either “Cinnamon” or “Desire,” since I love both of them, but he said he wanted someone different. He knows I like Indian girls and brown-skinned girls, but he said he wanted someone aggressive, like “Tatoo,” but not as aggressive as she is.  He said she was too aggressive for him.

I said we should find someone like Angelina Jolie, because she’s so beautiful but she would definitely be aggressive in just the right way.  He said we could put an ad out on Craigslist for an “Angelina Jolie” type.  I was so excited to think of us as a couple, albeit a false CL couple!

But of course I didn’t actually want another threesome with him because I like being alone with him. As alone as I can, given that we are only together at Onie’s or at other swing clubs.  But for him to think of us a couple, of any sort, was still an honor for me.

Then he asked if I wanted to play, and of course I said yes.  I was lying down on the bed and he was above, and he would lean down to kiss me and I would rise up to meet him.  At one point he hesitated a little and furrowed his brow.  He didn’t kiss me, but said, “the more time I spend with you, the more intimate I feel towards you.”

I rose up and said, “You know I would never want to ruin your marriage, right?” and I kissed him and he met my kiss and said, ‘Yes.” Then I laid back down but rose up again to say, “and you know my contract ends soon.” And we kissed again and I said, “So it’s just temporary intimacy.  So it’s okay.”

Then we kissed some more and began making love.  We had the large bed all to ourselves.  When I’m making love to him at Onie’s, I forget that there are other people in the room.  I feel like it’s just Robert Hannibal and me, alone.

After he orgasmed, he lay down next to me, leaning on his elbow and resting his head on his hand, and faced me, smiling, and said, “You, you, you!”  I really love him so much.

We continued kissing and talking about his music.  Robert Hannibal composes trip-hop music, and I wasn’t familiar with that genre of music. He told me he would try to play some for me on his new phone.  We kept talking and kissing but then he said he had to leave.  I tried to hold onto him but he said he needed to go.

We’d spent nearly two hours together from 7pm on and it was almost 9pm at that point.  As we left the bed, holding hands, “J-Star,” one of the other girls who works at Onie’s and is good friends with Onie, smiled and said, “There’s the couple” to me.  She said that because with all the other guys, I don’t have any emotion and I just want to be done as soon as possible.  Robert Hannibal is the only guy who brings any emotion out of me, the only guy I want to spend time with, the only guy where it appears that I am actually enjoying sex, because with him, I am.

Robert Hannibal and I kept holding hands and kissing and as we left the bar area and went into the lobby/changing area, we crossed paths with a very handsome young man with thick black eyebrows.  I noticed him even though I was with Robert Hannibal because he’s probably the best-looking man I’ve ever seen.  I knew all the other girls working at Onie’s would want him.  But I was sure I would get him.

As we entered the lobby/changing area, I put my arms around Robert Hannibal’s neck and he hugged me and held me and we kept kissing.  Onie said, laughing, to Robert Hannibal, “You can’t take her home!” Oh, if only he could.  If only there wasn’t a wife already at home.  I would go home with him so gladly.

Robert Hannibal got out his new phone and gave me his new number, and I made sure his new phone had my number.  I asked him to play me one of his songs before he left and he tried to log onto a music website.  I saw as he entered his user information that his last name was “Tanner” – I mentally made note of this.  I had never asked him his last name, although he knew my full name from my email address. I wanted to give him his privacy and also to reassure him that he could trust me.  That I would never try to follow him or notify his wife.  But I was so happy to know his last name.

He didn’t realize I had seen his last name.  He was just trying to get onto the site, and wasn’t able to.  “It’s okay,” I said.  “Next time.”  As much as I wanted to hear his music, I was elated that I knew his last name.  Such a personal piece of information.  I felt closer to him, even if only deceptively.

We hugged and kissed some more and it was so hard to say good-bye to him.  I am so glad I got to see him before leaving on my trip.  I don’t know what I would have done otherwise.

When he left, I looked at the clock.  It was exactly 9pm.  I had two more hours to go.  But I was so glad I had spent the past two hours with Robert Hannibal!  If only every night working at Onie’s could be like that!


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